The Washington Nationals haven’t been good since October 30, 2019. My expectations for them this year are pretty low. Thankfully, this weekend, they achieved perhaps the most attainable hope I had for them.

Short of winning records or postseason victories, beating Baltimore Orioles is pretty high up on my list.


I could go on and on about that villainous, cowardly franchise on the other side of the B/W Parkway. And I have! I really like it when the Nats prevail over The Oriole Way.

May 21 – WASHINGTON 4 Baltimore 2

May 22 – WASHINGTON 12 Baltimore 9

May 23 – WASHINGTON 6 Baltimore 5

Hooray, the good guys won, the bad guys lost. Every now and then, it happens.

You know what would have been better than getting really pumped for sweeping Baltimore? The series not having holy war implications, but because The Oriole Way, its a bigger deal and not just a fun series for regional bragging rights.

The win also ensures the Nats won’t go 19-31 again.

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