There are 52 fitted Washington Nationals hats available for sale fanatics who hosts the MLB team store.¹ None of them are the one I want — the 2005 – 2010 navy blue road cap.

The same is true at Nats team stores at the ballpark and National Harbor.²

By the way, the Nats blew a 3-2 lead in the 9th to lose to the Miami Marlins last night. They did not go 1-0 yesterday and are 54-71.

The original roady

In November 2004, home and away caps for the new Washington Nationals were announced by Major League Baseball. As expected, the last Washington Senators caps were resurrected. During the run up to baseball returning, public officials regularly appeared in the red caps with white curly Ws outlined in navy.

Additionally, separate road caps (because moocherdizing – where the real money is made!) were announced – essentially reversing the red and navy of the home cap. It’s kind of like the NHL’s new reverse retro idea.³

It’s a beautiful cap – navy was the traditional color of Washington baseball caps until the late 1960s. The curly W appeared in the mid-1960s — it’s a mashup of DC baseball history!

2005-2010 Washington Nationals road cap

I purchased my first one out of a trailer at RFK Stadium (top photo) right after Christmas in 2004 – I waited because it looked like the deal might fall through. I wore it just about everywhere and eventually bought a second one (directly above). The blue just worked better for me — red was a bit garish and most of my clothes are blue anyway.

Roady 2.0

In 2009, the Nats started changing their uniforms. The road jerseys got a script “Washington” in place of the beveled-block text. Paired with the solid navy road cap, it was the best road uniform in the history of D.C. baseball.

That look was short-lived. Following the 2010 season, the Nats announced new uniforms. While the emphasis on the curly W and red was welcome, it came at the cost of the all navy cap.

The new road cap’s red bill evokes the Atlanta Braves two-tone caps – I call the current roady the “Barves5 ” cap. Oddly enough, their roady remove the red bill. An even-up trade is long over due!

I’ll admit that mitigating circumstances have led me to respect the current roady, I still don’t want to wear it.


¹ There are at least FIVE black caps for sale. No, I’m not going to reward that with a link.\

² Nevermind, it’s closed.

³ Dressed to the Nines Uniform DatabaseNational Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc

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5 All hail the Atlanta BarvesThe Comeback

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