The Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association has permanently ended their 4th and 5th grade snow pass.

Due to the fact that the snowpass program was no longer working for all of our member ski areas and consumers in a way that it could be managed in a post-pandemic operations environment, the PA 4th – 5th Grade Snowpass program has been eliminated and will no longer be available. Many ski areas have capacity limitations requiring advance sales and reservations that could not accommodate the 4th/5th grade program as it was. We look forward to working with our member ski areas in regard to a new program in the future.

Affordable Family Options – PSAA

I’m disappointed by this news — I spent several years touting this program. It was a great way to get my oldest son into skiing. Now, I’ll have to figure out something else for my younger son.
One family even started a youtube channel based on going to ski areas all winter with the snow pass.

West Virginia had a snow passport last year for 4th and 5th graders – no word on this year.

Navigating snow passes

The ski industry has several annual passes and the best place to figure out which makes sense for you is

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Last year, a friend of mine bought the Indy Pass and enjoyed it. However, this year’s price increase had her switch to one of the big ski conglomerate passes. Had the price point not gone up, I probably would have jumped on Indy as well.

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