ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The first measurable snow storm of 2022 seemed preordained when the news broke that the mayor was stuck in Spain following a positive COVID-19 test (Alexandria Now).

Alexandria, Va. Noon accumulation

At 12 p.m. on January 3, 10 inches had accumulated as shown in the top photo. in keeping with custom I used”Yardy” the official small batch artisinal weather instrument.

This is the official total – no more reported accumulation. Also, the storm is being called Snomicron elsewhere.

Burke Va. 10 a.m. accumulation

Our Burke bureau chief Christopher Yurasko reports that 6½ inches had accumulated.

Burke, Va. snow accumulation as of 10 a.m. 1/3/2022

Sending well-wishes to Hizzoner

Since I only took one meteorology class at Penn State, a general ed-level course, I was not taught the axiom that if the highest ranking elected official was away in winter, it would snow. I have submitted an inquiry to my professor via social media — I’ll update if I hear back from him.

In all serious, I’m wishing Mayor Justin Wilson a full recovery and a safe, efficient return to the city. We need you!

That was wet snow

I called the city

Capital Weather Gang denouement

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