Twenty miles of closed, streets, freeways and bridges await participants on the morning of Saturday September 10, 2022.

DC Bike Ride 2022 early registration opened February 3, for the late summer event. Adult registration starts at $58. Kids 8 – 17 years old rates start at $29. Rates go up later in the year.

The official course map has not be announced yet. Last year’s course started in West Potomac Park and traveled on the Potomac & Whitehurst Freeways, E Street Expressway, Arlington Memorial Bridge, the 14th Street Bridge and surface streets.

Not ready to register?

Registration will likely remain open until September if you feel like making sure it won’t be raining like I did. It might cost you another $15 – 20, but that’s the risk you take. You may have to pick up your race packet in person during the week before instead of having it sent to you.

It’s a joyful morning of cycling

In 2021, I entered the DC Bike Ride for the first time, almost on a whim. It was a blast. Thousands of people riding at the own pace and having a good time. It was wonderful just getting to ride without any at grade crossings or cars. I went non-stop, clocking in at about 77 minutes. The idea of improving on that time is a big reason to go again. If you have never done it, I can’t recommend it enough.

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