The Major League Baseball owners lockout is apparently over. The reaction that I seem to be seeing is, “yay?”

This one was all on the owners.

I figured it wouldn’t be resolved for another few weeks – losing April games doesn’t hurt the bottom line too much.

Meanwhile, about 4 hours after the apparent end of MLBPA – MLB hostilities:

I’d comment on the schedule, but it seems it’s unavailable…

Ryan Zimmerman walks off

The Face of the Franchise. Mr. National. Mr. Walkoff.

Ryan Zimmerman’s career is complete. The once spectacular third baseman leaves the Nats as the all-time home run leader for Washington with 284 home runs (video of all of them), 47 more than Frank Howard. It’ll be a long-time before that is eclipsed, unless Juan Soto sticks around after 2024.

Zimmerman’s story is an interesting one. He was drafted during the team’s first year in DC, is sort of local (Virginia Beach and UVa.) and played very well when the team was new. Hitting a bunch of walk-offs on holidays and stadium debuts helped a lot too. All told, Zimmerman hit 11 walk-off homers, tied for third all-time.

Had Zimmerman arrived a year later, I don’t think he’d have the hold on the fanbase that he did. He could maintain the goodwill of the fanbase despite declining skills and one particularity high profile post-World Series appearance.

If anybody is getting their number retired it’s Zimmerman. He’s probably the greatest #11 in DC sports history – certainly the longest-tenured. A statue isn’t far fetched. I just hope that when that happens, one of his many arms is holding a kazoo. #IYKYK

Bad Idea Jeans but for baseball

It came out earlier in February that the designated hitter will be used through Major League Baseball starting with the 2022 season.

Like so many other things, baseball just got dumbed down even more. No more decision making on whether to leave a pitcher in even though he’s do up in the next inning. Does making Buck Showalter’s job easier benefit the game?

More three-true-outcome player jobs though!

The National League held out against the DH since 1973 when the junior circuit adopted it. Overall, the NL did just fine without a DH for over 140 years.

Uniform ads

MLB to add jersey advertising for first time in league history as part of new CBA, per report CBS

The schedule will also be altered in 2023

Sunset of a sartorial tradition

The algorithm delivered this one; I’ve skipped ahead to prevent you from listening to over two minutes Rich Eisen flaunting his obtuseness. He makes a good observation though:

Pitchers wearing jackets goes the way of dirt infields during early season NFL games. Just a visual quirk that added a color.

Lastly a reminder to the AL, there are consequences to NL DHs

The winning home run of the last real World Series before everything changed.

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