When Buster Posey retired, I wondered if it would be trend. He was a beloved player for a old-line team and won three World Series. Following over $100 million in earnings, just what we be the incentive to several years of declining play after all that glory?

It had not occurred to me today, that they could apply to ownership groups as well.

Barry Svrluga, the original Washington Nationals beat writer for The Post broke the news that the Lerner Family was considering selling the Nats. They don’t have quite the resume as Mr. Posey, so it’s not a direct analogy.

The Lerner Era

Still though, since taking ownership of the Nats in 2006, the Lerners:

What’s left to do?

Not a whole lot! They could try again, but winning a second title isn’t easy and the economics of the sport are changing. Just ask the Philadelphia Phillies, who despite playing in the largest one-team market have exactly two World Series titles ever and went ten years between winnings season. The New York Mets, have also only won two titles in 60 years despite playing in the larger market. It’s hard! Cashing out rather than spending your final years trying to recapture glory has its appeal.

What does the Nats future look like?

The Lerners are among the richest families who live in the D.C. region. Local ownership is theoretically better, but not always.

Same @ouij, same.

Two big names come to mind:

Ted Leonsis, owner of Monumental Sports (Capitals, Wizards Mystics, Capital Centre), comes to mind. I don’t know that he’s got the money. Or the interest – he called baseball boring several times over the years. Mark Lerner has ownership stakes in the Caps as well.

Jeff Bezos, owns The Post (among other holdings) and will seemingly be considered a candidate as well.

Of course, any owner could wind up being cheap, so who knows?

Nationals Park is halfway through its lease

The Nats lease at the ballpark is already approaching the halfway point. That situation could be awkward because the Nats are landlocked in this region. Nobody is going to want to build another ballpark with public funds for a long time, if ever.

We’ll always have 2019

and we always will

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