FAIRFAX, Va. The venerable 29 Diner is expected to reopen in October 2022.

MAJOR 29 Diner NEWS!
29 DINER will REOPEN 10/10/2022!
NEW 10 Year LEASE is On The Table!
NEW Soft Serve Ice Cream! NEW Beer & Wine Service! NEW Outdoor Dining! FULLY RESTORED 75 Year Virginia Historic Landmark Diner Serving since 1947 WILL BE BACK 10/10/22! Fully RESTORED & READY 10/10/22! BECAUSE OF YOU, WE SURVIVED!

29 Diner, Facebook page

Two days before Thanksgiving 2021, a chemical fire broke out. No injuries were reported. A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $73,000 since then.

The 29 Diner closed back in 2014 before John Wood bought it and reopened it. In the fall of 2021 I visited for the first time in decades and noted the changes to the menu and vibe. Inside, it didn’t change much.

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