ALEXANDRIA, Va. — For the first time since 2019, Washington Sailing Marina will rent kayaks and paddleboards. The season is scheduled to open Memorial Day Saturday. The Daingerfield Island location is accessible from the George Washington Memorial Parkway and Mount Vernon Trail.

Yacht Rock

Operated by Boating in DC, Washington Sailing Marina is the only place on the Virginia side of the Potomac River to rent a kayak inside the Beltway. Since it’s Boating in DC, online registration is required. Season passes may not be accepted though.

Compared to some other Boating in DC locations, WSM has a tendency to be calmer than upriver as it’s in a tidal cove. It’s a good location for new kayakers to get familiar with paddling.

WSM is a full-service marina and the larger, sail and motorboats are their bread and butter. Break out the smooth music. It looks like the restaurant is a pandemic casualty though. Don’t mind the jets taking off and landing at National Airport.

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