Today is National Donut Day (well, one of them) and several venues have deals or ideally, freebies on donuts. WTOP has D.C. area donut deals and Thrillist has a national roundup of where you can find free or discounts on donuts or, of you prefer, doughnuts.

“The Doughnuts”

And now our future presentation, which you haven’t seen since elementary school.

“The Doughnuts” is an adaption from Robert McCloskey’s 1943 book, Homer Price. Produced by Weston Woods in 1963, “The Doughnuts” was a reliable way for educators to take up nearly 30 minutes of the instructional day.

Now, I always assumed that Homer lived in Kansas, because US 56 was featured in this movie. In reality, Centerburg is in Ohio and along US 36.

Perhaps one of my comics fans can let me know if this is something like Earth 347 or something for clarification.

What is about dudes name Homer and donuts?

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