While getting frustrated that Pepsi with Real Sugar is getting scarce again, I got curious about the Penn State Pepsico contract. It’s due to expire on June 30, 2022.

According to Administrative Policy AD26 Sale and Serving of Food and Beverages at University Locations, the policy status is under review. I haven’t found any reporting on the status of the contract.

30 years of Pepsi pouring rights at Penn State

Joab Thomas, then president of the university, set up the original Pepsi deal in 1992. Part of $14 million deal was used to fund what became known as the Bryce Jordan Center.

The original deal did not go over well with Ralph Nader. Back when I was an undergrad, grumblings about “Pepsi State” were as common grumbling about the Big11Ten.

Some Penn Staters still aren’t over it

Over the years, Onward State has published a few columns demanding an end to the tyranny of Pepsi on campus. A change.org petition is out as well, though certain aspects of it strain credibility – Popular drinks such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta are nowhere to be found on campus.


One statecollege.com columnist even suggests that becoming a Coke school could appease the football gods.

I assume that Pepsi will retain the pouring rights and the contact is in the lawyers hands. I don’t have a strong feeling about it because I’m not on campus much any more. Even if I am, I can take care of my beverage choice either way.

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