AVALON, N.J. — The punchline that “what exit” is the New Jersey state slogan has some truth to it. Apparently it originated with Joe Piscopo (nj.com). Flying Fish brewery, in particular, embraced it with a series of beers (NBC News). The New Jersey Turnpike Authority wasn’t thrilled about it, but they came to an understanding.

One boat I passed while kayaking in Cornell Harbor runs with it; WHAT EXIT displayed in Garden State Parkway colors. Whether officially part of the Turnpike Authority (the Parkway’s agency) navy or just an homage, I appreciate it.

As for Piscopo, “Eddie Murphy’s success went to Joe Piscopo’s head” is one of the funnier things every written. I’ll acknowledge he was good in Johnny Dangerously though.

EXIT 13 provides the most direct access to Avalon from the Parkway.

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