SEA ISLE CITY, N.J. — Years ago, while on a Segway tour, we saw Dudley Dogs, a Sabrett stand. Naturally, we stopped a got some hot dogs.

This year, when I took my traditional bicycle ride up the coast from Stone Harbor, I was please to learn that the stand was still in operation. Google said it was now on the 75th Street beach. Previously, it was on Pleasure Ave.

Opens around noon

Google said that Dudley’s opened at 11:30, but it was closer to noon. I had just turned around at Strathmere and gave him a few minutes to arrive. He pulled up in his Cadillac SUV and backed the cart onto the path between 75th and the beach. Not even 15 minutes later, I was enjoying my hot dog.

The dogs

Dudley’s has a standard Sabrett for $3.50 with yellow and spicy mustard, onions, sauerkraut and ketchup as optional toppings on a hoagie roll. I went with yellow mustard.

Coca Cola products in cans and water are included. I opted for the later and it set me back another $1.50.

Dudley’s story

A long-time visitor to Sea Isle CIty, Pittsburgh native Dudley McGinty made the permanent move and opened up his cart decades ago. He moved from the street to the beach about 12 years ago. Sea Isle News profiled him in 2016.

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