Another decisive Jeopardy! victory for Luigi de Guzman means he plays again tonight!


@ouij/@instaouij (twitter and instagram, respectively) just steamrolled the competition in his first title defense.

Ouij was up by about 20K going into Final Jeopardy! He cruised to victory. Can he get the hat trick tonight?

Speaking of the Nats…

The Natmosphere has at least 3 Jeopardy! champions

Any wonder the Nats lead the division, if not league, in fans keeping score in the stands?

What tie will he wear tonight?

So far, Ouij has worn his St. John’s Cambridge and LSE ties.

I look forward to wearing the LSE tie I have (the old man spent a year there) in tribute when I go to work next.

Nobody’s perfect

I was yelling the screen on this one and the road geeks were too.

When to watch

Monday, September 12, 2022 – 7:30 p.m. – WJLA-TV 7

Not in the DC TV market? Find out where you can watch Jeopardy!

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