I, for one, have been basking in the reflective glory of Luigi de Guzman’s Jeopardy! win. Since he won the final episode of the season, @ouij, his nom de clavier, on twitter (or @instaouij on instagram) has been the reigning Summer 2022 champion.

Victor in the Battle of Four Mile Run

Ouij, an Arlingtonian, closed out the spring 2022 season by defeating the previous champion, an Alexandria resident. The important thing is they both beat the professor from California.

Sartorial advisory

In his first appearance, Ouij wore his St John’s College, Cambridge necktie. Jeopardy! Fashion Connoisseur @OneEclecticMom, Ouij was the only contestant to wear a tie that week.

This time around, he’ll be wearing the colors of the London School of Economics where he also studied.

First in studio audience in over 2 years

When to watch

Monday, September 12, 2022 – 7:30 p.m. – WJLA-TV 7

Not in the DC TV market? Find out where you can watch Jeopardy!

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