UPDATED 11/25/2022 – Ouij was half-right – it was a 0-0 draw.

My friend Ouij, aka Luigi de Guzman, is perhaps best known as a 5-time Jeopardy! champion. Is he also a World Cup prophet?

This summer over Pimms Cups, Ouij, a University of Cambridge alumnus, made this prediction for the upcoming USA vs. England World Cup match on November 25

Qater…not a good country, FIFA not a good organization – ‘A World Cup Built on Modern Slavery’: Stadium Workers Blow the Whistle on Qatar’s ‘Coverup’ of Migrant Deaths and SufferingRolling Stone

That’s right, Ouij is saying a 1-0 victory for the USMNT.

It’s happened before

In 1950, the USMNT team shocked England with a 1-0 victory. The coach was Bill Jeffrey, who was also Penn State’s men’s soccer coach at the time. Jeffey Field is named in his honor.

The Ringer: Remembering U.S. Soccer’s Greatest, Most Improbable Triumph

The USMNT goal was score by Joe Gaetjens off a Walter Bahr pass. Bahr would also coach at Penn State. His sons Chris and Matt were Nittany Lions in soccer and football. Both went onto the NFL and won two Super Bowls each as placekickers.

There’s also the matter of 1781 and 1814 too.

An unofficial WC craft beer

Beltway Brewing Co. in Sterling is selling a USMNT team themed beer called “The Yanks.” It’s an American lager sold by the pint in four packs. There are 8 different labels too, based on past jerseys. 

This is an embedded tweet, so no guarantee it’ll still render by the time your read this post

More Beltway Brewing Co. coverage

Beltway is owned and operated by a classmate of mine from elementary school. It’s located right off the W&OD trail too, about milepost 22.5.

Other DC region craft breweries are joining in too: The Local Beers of the World Cup: Beltway, Bluejacket, Ocelot, Silver BranchDC Beer

By the way, we can drink beer during the World Cup. People in Qatar can’t. True story. (USA Today).

World Cup uniforms

Uni Watch has a breakdown of the World Cup uniforms:

It’s not just England

USMNT also playes Wales and Iran.

NBC Sports: World Cup 2022 Group B: England, USA, Iran, Wales schedule, fixtures, rankings

Will the USMNT win the cup?

Not likely. In fact my fellow Gannett alumnus Beau Dure doesn’t think they ever will. He event wrote a book about it. I need to read it and learn about how Beau thinks it could get better.

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