Pre-pandemic, I used to keep a list of the Metro stations and entered, exited or transferred at in a given year. Now that I’m back in the office, I’m doing it again and for the first time, sharing it on this blog.

The list

  1. Smithsonian 
  2. L’Enfant Plaza
  3. McPherson Square
  4. Navy Yard/Ballpark
  5. Pentagon 
  6. Pentagon City
  7. Crystal City
  8. National Airport
  9. Metro Center
  10. Foggy Bottom
  11. Rosslyn
  12. Braddock Road
  13. Union Station
  14. Van Ness*
  15. Cleveland Park
  16. Courthouse
  17. Ashburn**
  18. Innovation Centre **
  19. U Street
  20. Shaw *
  21. Van Dorn Street
  22. Franconia-Springfield
  23. Farragut West
  24. Farragut North
  25. Federal Center SW

* First time that I can recall ever using these stations

** Rode out to the end of the silver line on family day. We rode the first train out to the initial Silver Line stations in 2014.

Riding beyond Whiele-Reston for the first time on November 19, 2022
Cleveland Park Metro station with a 7000 series train

Dozens of stops, but short of my record

  • Twenty-five total stops – not a bad list for someone who only started regularly going into work again in September. I think I’d have a few more Alexandria stops if the Yellow Line didn’t close for reconstruction the week after I resumed regular commuting too.
  • Or if Potomac Yard had opened on schedule. I had a bad feeling when the new maps with the Silver Line debuted without PY showing open.
  • Not even a transfer Gallery Place either, which is kind of unusual.
  • I think my all-time record was in 2015 when I used 29 different stops.

The shower curtain

This past Christmas, I gave my sons the Metro map shower curtain (pictured above). I wanted to wait until the Silver Line was finished before I did it. I wish Potomac Yard was open too, but I didn’t feel like waiting until Memorial Day.

Oddly enough in our mid-century millennial modern  house, their bathroom tiling and coloring is more reminiscent of the New York City subway than DC.

My boys have both been Metro fanboys. A few of the stations on the list was a little Metro tourism with my youngest.

You can find your own WMATA map shower curtain at

Other systems

Due to the complete Metro outage in Alexandria between September and October, I rode VRE a few times and used the following stations:

Alexandria Union Station | Crystal City | L’enfant

I will have more to say about that experience another time.

I also visited Chicago and wrote up my experience with the L.

What the data mining bots will do with this information?

Keeping a track of this can also be useful. I find listing things in my head, like Metro stations used, is a good way to calm down when it’s time to go to sleep. Try it!

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