​PepsiCo announced that a new logo will be rolled out later this year (CNN). It’s similar to the ​​1980s Pepsi logo. The font is a little different and the blue is darker than back then.

The incumbent “winking” Pepsi branding debuted in 2009. The incoming logo is more “traditional.”

My take – while I like the minimalism of the 2009 branding, I didn’t like the logo as much. Returning to a “Pepsi ball” is an overall upgrade. That being said, the 2009 branding and 1991 – 2008 Pepsi ball would work for my design sensibilities.

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What about Pepsi Real Sugar?

Though is was not included in the collateral of the CNN article, Pepsi made with Real Sugar is still on the current web site. From time to time, it becomes hard to find. It used to be called Pepsi Throwback and has gone through several liveries. If the product is retained and updated with the new branding, it’ll be the fifth different packaging in less than 15 years.

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Pepsi State? 

The most recent 10 years-long Pepsi contract with Penn State expired last June. In February, statecollege.com reported it was renewed for one year and also noted a Coke truck driving through campus.

Pepsi has had pouring rights at Penn State for over 30 years. The original deal drew the ire of Ralph Nader and Coke-loving Penn Staters ever since.

Not me though, I prefer Pepsi, especially if it’s the real sugar variety.

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