Penn State Plans to Extend Pepsi Contract Through 2033
Penn State announces plan to award 10-year contract to PepsiThe Collegian
Yesterday, the university announced that the official carbonated caramel colored-sugar water is not anticipated to change: Pepsi expected to retain pouring rights, providing funds for scholarships and more. The new agreement, if signed, will end in 2033. The original agreement was made in 1992. The most recent agreement was extended one extra year during the review period.

I think the “plan to award” is contingent on a Board of Trustees approval. The next meeting is May 4-5, 2023.

Interestingly, the press release does not contain the words “soda” or “pop.” I suppose the decision to retain Pepsi is controversial enough and University Relations doesn’t want to further divide the community by regional dialects. Anecdotally, Happy Valley is on the “soda” side of the divide, though barely. The other side of Bald Eagle mountain to the west seems to be where “pop” is the preferred nomenclature. Why the transition from the Ridge and Valley to the Allegheny Plateau changes the dialect is curious.

I like Pepsi, so I am pleased to see my alma mater is going to still be pouring it. I haven’t been up there in several years, so I don’t care that much. A vocal contingent has expressed a preference for Coca Cola over the last 30 years. As those reactions come in, I will add them to this post.

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