I have a bad feeling the last two days may wind up being the highlight of the Washington Nationals 2023 season.

Pay up Angelos!

Over in Manhattan, the franchise got good news on the broadcast rights front.

New York’s highest court found the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, which is controlled by the Baltimore Orioles, has no right to take the dispute over $100 million in missing rights fees payments from 2012 to 2016 to an independent arbitrator, as it had been seeking. The court did not compel payment of the money immediately, and the sides must continue negotiating over the amount to be paid to the Nationals.

Court confirms market value of the Nationals’ TV rights in MASN case – The Post (soft paywall)

Don’t get your hopes up that this will be resolved right away though. Expect the Angelos family to appeal this, drag it out as long as they can with additional legal gridlock. That’s just the kind of people that family chooses to be. Deadbeats and cowards.1

Given that the television rights are one of the reasons the potential sale is being held up (The Post), perhaps this gets Ted Leonsis and the Lerners talking again. Of course, Leonsis really wants the Nats for programming for his cable channel. The Nats would round out the programming rather nicely. That’d be over 300 annual live sporting events when combined with the Capitals and Wizards.

Beat the Mets, beat the Mets, step right up and beat the Mets

The Nats took their first series from the New York Mets in Queens with a chance for the sweep tonight.

Josiah Gray and MacKenzie Gore are pitching well with their ERA at 3.00 or less. Both earned wins the last two nights. The Mets only scored 1 run in the first two games. The Nats even hit a few home runs for a change.

The Nats have won 4 of 5 on this road trip. The took the first two against the Twins in Minnesota over the weekend too. Take that Cal Griffith!


April 25 highlights

Will the Nats still go 3-10 against the Amazins as Eric McErlain predicted? Possibly! Let’s enjoy what we can.


1 Sadly, that franchise got a puff piece from Barry Svrluga in today’s Post with nary a mention of their villany. Svrluga should know better.

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