ALEXANDRIA, Va. — In unsurprising news, Alexandria Now reports that the city says that the Holmes Run Trail reconstruction is probably falling behind. And birds go tweet.

Earlier reports estimated the trail would be repaired by this spring, then by late fiscal year 2024, but the newest Capital Projects Status Report (item 10) indicated a new estimated substantial completion as the second quarter of fiscal year 2025.

South of Duke Street

The seemingly simple bridge replacement (above photo) south of Duke Street was supposed to be completed in 2021. Then 2022.

A crew has been working on that bridge site for the last couple of months.

…the city is pushing the contractor to accomplish as much of the work at 4600 Duke Street as possible so that the bridge can be installed as soon as its ready.

So, theoretically, that portion may be reopened sometime this summer or fall.

Trail between Ripley Street and Beauregard Street

The trail that traverses Interstate 395 is a bigger lift.

…the city is finishing the design for other sites on Holmes Run and the hope is, by August, the city will award a construction contract

Reminder, that was washed out in 2019. We’re looking at six years of the trail being disconnected.

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