THOMAS BOSWELL: The Nationals were right to let their beloved stars leaveThe Post

On occasion, the Post publishes a column from Tom Boswell, who retired several years ago. Long-respected as a trailblazing analyst of baseball statistics, Bos could occasionally lapse into fanboy homer about the Washington Nationals.

This column may be his magnum opus. It makes me miss being on Twitter.1

To wit:

The $440 million and $215 million offers that Soto and Rendon turned down and the free agent auctions the Nats refused to enter that brought Turner $300 million and Scherzer $130 million may turn out to be the best billion dollars of deals never made…

The three current Nats have 921 plate appearances (through Tuesday’s games, which is the case for all the numbers that follow). The trio of ex-Nats have 855. The three obscure Nats have more runs (124-111), hits (225-185), doubles (60-41), homers (31-23) and RBI (113-91), with a higher average (.267-.256). The three Nats are even out-slugging the three “superstars” by quite a bit: .463 to .414.

Did Bos forget to mention anybody in that list? Maybe a recent NL MVP? Sure, they won it all without him, but the omission is noticeable.

By the way, the Nats are LAST in the National League in homers. The Nats have been above .500 for two days2 since they won the 2019 World Series. They are on pace to lose 98 games! But hey, according to Bos we should feel great because the old guys are having bad seasons. That’s certainly way more comforting than you know, winning. Right?

The Post paywall is down today, so go ahead read it. Then decide for yourself, if he’s discovered edibles, trolling or has finally crossed over to some unrecoverable place.

A good road trip so far

The Nats won the last two games of their last two series. The Padres were upset with themselves (San Diego Union-Tribune).

Patrick Corbin actually pitched to contract yesterday. C’mon Uncle Steve, he’s just what the Mets rotation needs!

The Nats kept up their streak of never losing an interleague series in Seattle. In fact, the only time DC has ever lost a baseball series in Seattle was in May 1969 when the expanion Pilots swept the Senators. The second one when better for the original Washington though.3

On to Philadelphia and several former Nats.


1 He blocked me just before he retired – I suggested that his surprise at Howie Kendrick being a good hitter was weird because Kendrick hit .344 that year.

2 After the June 30, 2021 game I attended, I had a feeling that it was the high water mark. The Nats haven’t been 2 games over since then.

3 Seattle can claim 1979 in basketball – the SuperSonics beat the Bullets from the NBA championship. The Bullets never recovered – that was the last time they got past the second round. They did win it all the season before though, in Seattle. Now, the Bullets have been the Wizards for longer than they were the Bullets and the SuperSonics have been gone for 15 years.

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