A few years back, when I posted my pork roll lunch on instagram, it was picked up by @longlivejohntaylor. Every subsequent time since it happens. Following my week down the Shore earlier in July, I decided to learn more about this account, described as:

Honoring John Taylor’s Gift

Creation + Aggregation + Proliferation + Redistribution of Pork Roll propaganda.
Jersey by birth, Taylor by the grace of God.
Heat ‘N Eat

WFY: Who are you, where are you from and where do you live now?

LLJT: Matt – Central Jersey my whole life. Work takes me around the world but NJ is home.

WFY: How long have you been running @longlivejohntaylor? What was it that got you to go from enjoying the product to “Honoring John Taylor’s Gift” on instagram?

LLJT: Think it’s going on 3.5 years or so. Was always meant to be for fun. Love the nuisance the stuff brings. Distinctly Jersey, and the rivalry is so much fun. We’ll argue with each other all day but if someone from out of state says something, we’ll unite instantly.

Where else do you have that in todays world?

WFY: Okay, let’s just get it out of the way – do you say pork roll or Taylor ham? What is going on with that yellow box?

It’s Pork Roll but I get the heritage value in the OG Taylor Ham. Tradition I suppose.
The yellow box was an exclusive Johnny’s in Red Bank had. Taylor provisions made it as a super limited thing.

Hit up @porkrolltruck for the full scoop.

WFY: How many times a week do you enjoy some heat & eat?

LLJT: That’s a great question. So many people think I eat it everyday 🤣. On average I would say once a week.

Depends on the hangover🤣. 

WFY: What is your favorite cooking method and favorite pork roll recipe?

LLJT: Favorite is a PEC on a poppy seeded hard roll spk
Egg has to be moist.

That said my introduction to it was as a Child my grandmother used to pan fry it then put it into one of those old fashion sandwiches presses on white bread with nothing else.

That’s still delicious.

WFY: Do you have a preference for cutting the slices i.e. Pac-Man, four notches, etc? I go with about eight because I grill them.

LLJT: Let’s be clear I’ll eat it anyway you slice it.

My preference is iron cross style. 4 cuts.

WFY: When did the “approximately 8 slices” start? I didn’t see that until recently.

LLJT: That’s funny.  I never actually read that.

Good question.

WFY: What is the best beverage for pairing with pork roll? I think my go-to is Cape May Brewing Co. Tan Limes beer. What about sides, like potato chips? I don’t know of any Jersey chips.

LLJT: If nursing a hangover. Regular Coke. If not, ice tea. Home fries ON the sandwich is a game changer. (Editor’s note: I will have to try – I’ve been a fries on the burger guy since I was a kid, irrespective of any Pittsburgh traditions).

WFY: One year when I was at the North Wildwood ACME, I saw another brand, a Pennsylvania brand of pork roll. It was much cheaper, though I did not buy it. Would buying that be apostasy against the state of New Jersey?

LLJT: For sure! I also can not eat Case brand. In dire situations shop rite tangy will do. (I think that’s made by case but has more taste)

WFY: What’s the best non-Taylor Jersey food? Tomatoes? Corn? Peaches? Sabrett?

LLJT: Bagels

NJ has better bagels than NY anyday.

WFY: Are you as amused as I am that Pennsylvania Dutch brand birch beer is from…Pennsauken?

LLJT: Did not know that. Thank you for sharing.

WFY: Yankees, Mets or Phillies? Giants, Jets or Eagles?


WFY: Does Central Jersey exist? If so, where?


WFY: Turnpike or Parkway?

LLJT: Parkway

WFY: Top three Jersey Shore towns?

LLJT: Sea isle
Asbury Park
Seaside park

WFY: Any final thoughts?

LLJT: Jersey by birth Taylor by the grace of god.

The great seal of New Jersey, but with pork roll

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