STONE HARBOR N.J. ​Every time I go down the Shore, I look for a local beer to enjoy with lunch. This year I tried Cape May Brewing Company’s Tan Limes.

Tan Limes is modeled after Mexican light lagers. It also includes “locally sourced sea salt” and lime juice. 

A little bit of Cape May Brewing Co. Tan Limes beer in a glass. It's a light Mexican style lager.

It is a very light lager indeed. If it has any hops, they are understated. On a hot day after a morning on the beach and with grilled pork roll, BLT (with Jersey tomatoes of course) or even tacos, it’s hits the spot.

​​I think I’ve found my Shore beer.

About Cape May Brewing Co.

Cape May Brewing has been around since 2011. They have even collaborated with DC Brau (South Jersey Beer a few years ago. A Tan Limes label (remember to remove them before recycling) now adorns my basement mini-fridge. What could be a higher honor?

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