Since 2005, the Washington Nationals had a hit in every game they played. Until, August 9, 2023. Michael Lorenzen, making his Philadelphia Phillies debut went the distance without giving up a DC hit. It was his first start in Philadelphia since being trade from the Detroit Tigers.

It hasn’t happened in a long time

The last time Washington was no-hit – June 10, 1966 according to, Sonny Siebert of the Cleveland Indians (now Guardians) beat the Washington Senators (the ones who moved to some jerk town with a single boast of being equidistant between Dallas and Ft. Worth) 2-0 in Municipal Stadium. The Baseball Reference boxscore.

That’s 57 years, one month and 30 days or 20,879 days total. Of course, for 33 years 6 months 4 days or 12,240 days there wasn’t even a Washington team.

Well, that will give the DC sports media something to talk about other than the Orioles broadcaster controversy. Of course, they are ignoring the bigger story about Orioles ownership and broadcasting, but that only effects the Nats and their fans, so they don’t care.

The Nats can split the series with a win tomorrow. They had won 7 of 10 going into today’s game.

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