WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s been over two weeks since the 2023 DC Bike Ride. It was much like the 2021 ride – the same or very similar course. Since I had done it before, I was going for time, rather than take it all in. In short, I wasn’t taking many photos this time. 

However, the course narrowed in East Potomac Park for unclear reasons and resulted in a complete stop. Some runners on the closed course were going against race traffic which was annoying and maybe a little dangerous.

The rest of the ride was basically the same as 2021. I pedaled hard to make up time, but it wasn’t quite enough to top my first trip.

My time came in about three minutes higher than 2021. Take away the five minutes lost due to delays, I probably would have scored a better time.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable ride along the freeways, parkways, bridges, tunnels and streets of the District as well as, briefly, Arlington. I’m open for doing it again, especially with family and/or friends. I *have* to improve my time, right?

Other observations

  • Packett pickup was at Autoshop, a post-industrial space near Union Market. There was some swag, food, including drink coupons. I had a Fat Tire and then somebody gave me his coupon, so I had another. REI was giving out stickers and other things. 
  • There were not as many musicians or DJs along the course as 2021. I’m not sure why. 
  • The post-race festival had a bit of swag too, along with a stage and a beer garden, which I skipped. 

There wasn’t a DC Bike Ride sign on the National Mall like last time though, so I had to go with the triumphant hold your bike up photo on Pennsylvania Ave. Thank you for taking my photo, randos.

The Philly Bike Ride is coming October 14

The same organizers of DC Bike Ride are doing the same in Philadelphia. I’m planning on attending that one, weather permitting, too. Registration is open through October 12. That ride looks to be more along streets than freeways than DC. I haven’t been in Philly much, so this will be a more leisurely pace – I want to take it all in. I’ll probably take a sidequest over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and elsewhere as well.

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