This summer at Brickfair, I noticed a familiar looking display – one of my local shopping centers.

A member of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Train Club, Constantine Hannaher recreated the 3500 block of King Street (Route 7). Included in this display were the Sunoco station, 7-Eleven, Floyd’s barber shop Safeway, Truist Bank and McDonald’s.

3500 block of King Street, Alexandria, Va. in Lego. The railway is artistic license.

Not included, Bradlee Center shopping center wing. Tough break, MedStar Health.


The display captures those blocks of King Street with pretty good fidelity to the real thing. There is even a police presence1 at the McDonald’s and DASH buses along the route.

A traffic circle and multi-unit housing?! Bring Back Integrity to Alexandria and The Coalition for a Livable Alexandria are so getting triggered

On the north side though, it strays from reality – a railroad goes right through the Fairlington Village area. Wish-casting? Equally farfetched is a VA 7 shield. Alexandria (and many cities and towns) aren’t great about posting highway markers.

It’s kind of fun to see your community rendered in Lego.

Some Old Town too

O’connell’s and The Creamery – which usually has a shorter line than Pop’s

Just across Four Mile Run

Weenie Beenie! Somebody tell Dave Grohl
  1. There have been some problems – not good! ↩︎

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