The first snow flakes of the season have fallen around the Washington, D.C. area. Ski areas across the Mid-Atlantic are starting to open. Time to get ready to go sliding across a wind-blasted barren hellscape1 skiing!

Last season, I discovered the YouTube channel ADHski in the DCSki forums.2 During the winter, ADHski visits Mid-Atlantic (AKA the Ice Coast) ski areas and posts videos about the experience. To kickoff this season, I’ve interviewed the channel’s founder.

Remember, don’t hate winter, use it!

Meet ADH Ski

WFY: First off, who are you, how long have you been skiing?

ADHSki: My name is Mark, 34, currently work in the commercial construction industry in the greater DC (VA) area.  I learned to ski when I was 7 years old in Kitzbuhel, Austria.  My father was in the Air Force which presented a unique opportunity to learn to ski while we were living at Ramstein AFB in Germany.

2023-2024 ADHski Hype Video

WFY: What motivated you to start your skiing YouTube channel?

ADHSki: I noticed a void for video content in this particular region.  Utah, Colorado, and big mountain skiing worldwide already has an established community of “real skiers.”  [Shoutout to my friend Lucas Catania and his fellow Stoke Squad Members!]  

I wanted a family or an individual locally to get excited about their upcoming ski trips to one of our many surrounding hills. Challenging myself with no experience in the video world is something I look forward to now.

The Ice Coast

WFY: “Skiing the Mid-Atlantic so you don’t have to…” It’s not that much of a chore, is it?

ADHski: This quote was inspired by a t-shirt my father brought home to me growing up, “We Learn German, so you don’t have to” from the Defense Language Institute (military.)   

 I felt with this quote, maybe ruling out a potential destination from a resort I go to, might save a few dollars for your wallet.

WFY: Last season, it seemed like a different mountain every week or two. Do you have a similar itinerary in mind this season? Are their specific areas you want to hit or do you just follow the snow?

ADHski: Last season I skied a lot of Vail owned resorts.  This season I look forward to getting to more resorts that are independent of the Vail and Ikon names. Nothing against their passes as they provide a tremendous value.  More so, to show if it’s worth attending the other mountains still!  Excited to get to Blue Knob, Elk Mountain, Wintergreen and more!

SKI AREA COVERAGE: Elk Mountain | Blue Knob

The 2023-2024 Season

WFY: What are you most excited about in the 2023-2024 Mid-Atlantic Ski season?

ADHski: Excited to return to mountains I haven’t been to since I was a little kid!  I love traveling, especially around this region on weekends.  So many hidden gems exist here.  Sometimes you can’t plan it out and that’s when you’ll find the best surprises.

WFY: The industry has shifted so strongly to season passes – do you have a pass or are you doing walk-ups all season long? Overall, how are you keeping expenses manageable?

ADHski: Last season I held a northeast value epic pass. This season I opted for the local 7 day local epic pass, and the remainder of the destinations will be walkups.  Luckily, I’m able to walk to my workplace from where I live, so I eliminate the commute and save my vehicle for the weekend adventures.

WFY: For the gearheads out there, what kind of equipment are you using? I guess that’s for the skiing and recording of said skiing.

ADHski: I currently ski with 2022 K2 Mindbender 85’s 177cm length.  My boots are Rossignol Alltrack 90’s, Marker Griffon ID 13 bindings, & Zipline Ski Poles (highly recommend).   Can’t forget a Smith Mission MIPS helmet for safety!

For filming, I use a GoPro Hero 11 w/ the Media Mod, helmet, chest & pole mount.  I utilize Adobe Premiere for my editing & Epidemic Sound for copyright music.

WFY: What helped you develop as a skier the most? For example, for me it was daily stretches and skiing with somebody better than me.

ADHski: I’d say traveling out to Utah to Solitude and Park City the last 3 seasons and skiing with Lucas Catania, a fellow YouTuber, and his annual stoke squad meetup, has really motivated to me to develop better habits and become a better skier.  The steep terrain out there is an entirely different animal.

Mid-Atlantic skiing day trips from D.C.

A commuter skier’s guide to ski areas close enough to do in a day from the Washington, D.C. area. Over a decade’s worth of profiles and rankings

A skier looks down a foggy slope at Timberline Resort in West Virginia

WFY: How do you come up with your Shred Score?

ADHski: The Shred Score is comprised of slope difficulty, condition/speed of lifts, mountain trail layout.  Scored with the decimal system up to 5.0 for the east coast, because I believe a 10.0 isn’t possible here.

WFY: How did you land on ADHSki for your channel name? Are you going to expand it to include swag, Apres Ski events, etc.?

ADHski: I hope to inspire others who may have been diagnosed with ADHD.  It can be a personal confidence battle for many.  I’ve found one of the best ways for myself to combat that is, through skiing.  It allows me to prepare for life and the work week ahead.  Be yourself is my best advice, and that’s something I really try to do with the channel.  I don’t foresee swag or marketing myself in the future. \I would like to help others save money/time is my main priority, and have fun along the way!

Mid-Atlantic Memories

WFY: What is your most favorite Mid-Atlantic skiing memory? Is there “I skied the K-12” equivalent that Washingtonians can aspire to?

ADHski: Yelling Picabo Streetttt!!! While flying up to the cornice of Shays Revenge at Snowshoe as a young teen with one of my best friends Tripp at the time, launching off it, which in turn became the largest yard sale that day.  My body was certainly more resilient then!

WFY: What is your favorite Mid-Atlantic location to ski? let’s break it down a little more – favorite resort, run, cafeteria, etc.

ADHski: For now my favorite location to ski currently is Timberline.  Something about ease of access, pricing & overall atmosphere of Canaan Valley will always hold a place in my heart.  My favorite run in the Mid-Atlantic is Cupp Run at Snowshoe though, its so flowy & so fast.  I love it on an empty day.


WFY: If the DC area got two feet of snow3, are there any hills you’d like to ski down? I can think of a few in Alexandria and Arlington that come to mind.

ADHski: If that were to happen again, I’d love to give the sledding hills of old a try! Down Ashburton Avenue in Herndon comes to mind, as well as some of the wooded areas near Vale Road in Vienna. A lot of new developments have been created since those days, but I remember some secret hills there that were awesome on the sled!

Can’t get enough winter sports?

Come out and play broomball! It’s like hockey without skates, played on a full rink.

ADHski YouTube

He’s already been out twice this season…


  1. Five-time Jeopardy! champion, Luigi de Guzman, 2016 ↩︎
  2. Hard to believe it’s already been almost 12 years since I interviewed DC Ski’s publisher. ↩︎
  3. It’s happened. Really. 14 years ago, it happened. TWICE. ↩︎

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