In 2023, I visited more Metro stations than ever before. My tally of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority rail stations entered, exited or transferred is 42! That is easily the most I have ever recorded in a single year. Most of them I had visited by the end of the third quarter.

At the start of my last 2023 Metro commute, I saw car 2023 pulling out of Eastern Market. Had I been 30 seconds earlier, I would have had time to take the perfect hero photo for this post. Alas…

  1. Smithsonian
  2. Pentagon
  3. Pentagon City
  4. Metro Center
  5. Gallery Place
  6. Van Dorn Street
  7. Federal Triangle
  8. Eisenhower
  9. Rosslyn
  10. Herndon*
  11. Braddock Road
  12. Arlington Cemetery
  13. L’enfant Plaza
  14. Navy Yard-Ballpark
  15. Farragut West
  16. Farragut North
  17. Cleveland Park
  18. Woodley Park
  19. Waterfront
  20. King St-Old Town
  21. Huntington
  22. Mt. Vernon Sq
  23. Foggy Bottom-GWU
  24. U Street
  25. Archives
  26. Vienna
  27. Potomac Yard VT *
  28. Van Ness-UDC
  29. Eastern Market
  30. Judiciary Square
  31. Union Station
  32. Columbia Heights
  33. Dupont Circle
  34. National Airport
  35. Spring Hill
  36. Tysons
  37. NoMa
  38. Franconia-Springfield
  39. Ballston
  40. Potomac Avenue
  41. Capitol South
  42. Stadium-Armory
Fans exciting Green Line for Washington Nationals Opening Day, March 30
A Metro train is wrapped in a Washington Nationals "in bloom" advertisement.
DC sports and transit really went in on cherry blossom marketing in 2023
Sign welcoming customers to the Potomac Yard VT Metro station in Alexandria, Va.
Potomac Yard station on Opening Day – little did we know what they had in mind for it…
Holiday Metro train at Eastern Market station, December 22

There are several reasons I checked so many off:

  • I changed jobs (with an interregnum with interviews in between)
  • More stations are open – I visited two of the newest stations for the first time, Potomac Yard VT and Herndon.
  • The Yellow Line reopened
  • More active – I checked off a few stations because I was going to group bike rides too far from home to bike the whole way

I expected to get to a few more checked off – I considered going to the Penn State at Maryland football game and even a Washington Commanders game if tickets were cheap enough. That’s not how it worked out, so sorry College Park-UMd and Morgan Boulevard. In fact, I didn’t take Metro to Maryland at all in 2023.

I also considered going out to Ashburn and biking back to Alexandria, but only went out to Herndon. Maybe in 2024!

Still, 42 stations is easily the highest number ever by a good 10+ stations. That’s going to be challenging to surpass.

At least I didn’t have to go up to Hyattsville Crossing to get the Metro lost and found.

I’m a regular Metrobus rider as well, though that’s in jeopardy with WMATA’s doomsday budget. If I lived in Old Town, VRE would probably be my preferred option for commuting to the District.


8W, 21C, 29K, 36


30, 31, 32, 35


Union Station, Alexandria


There was the Philly trip too that had me on SEPTA regional and subway; PATCO too.

I’m hoping to get to another major transit city this year, so I’ll have more to report. I might make it back to the Philly Bike Ride too.

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