Say what you will for the year 2023, but I sure did collect a lot water bottles.

The tallest is from a local bank and it’s quite good. When the photo of me speaking to the general manager of the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority about keeping my bus line running was shared on twitter1, my water bottle with Uni Watch and Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail stickers were shown. The photo got noticed by Uni Watch (buried in a ticker some where) and Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail. In a roundabout way, the former led to me providing content strategy, writing and management for the FoMVT web site.

The next two bottles came with my registration for the DC Bike Ride and the Philly Bike Ride, respectively. I love those rides.

The fourth bottle was from Bike to Work Day 2023, specifically the Carlyle station.

Third from the right, a Metro water bottle that I picked up at either the Potomac Yard station opening or a display on the 8000-series rail cars. I picked up a lot of Metro swag last year, though I’m more concerned that my bus line is not budgeted for FY2025. More to come on that issue. The Potomac Yard situation too.

Indego is the Philadelphia equivalent of Capital Bikeshare and I picked that water bottle up at the Philly Bike Ride.

Lastly, the REI bottle came from the I-66 Trail ribbon cutting. It’s too big for a bottle cage, but my oldest son seems to like it.


  1. I’m not logging back into twitter to find it. Stupid Elon.

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