ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Yardy’s return! This morning, Yardy measured 3½ inches of snow. This is inclusive of the unofficial half inch that feel on the morning of January 15. That was our third “coffee cake” snow of the last two winters at this address.

Conditions – packed powder, I believe there was some compaction over night.

Real snow at last

It’s been two years to the day since the last measurable snow here. On January 16, 2022, we had 3 inches of snow before it changed over to sleet. Then, nothing measurable since then.

Since that time, I moved across my neighborhood to a location that is about 97 feet above sea level. Previously, I had been about 85 feet. I’m delighted to finally have break out Yardy for the inaugural small batch artisinal meteorology at our new home.

How much did you get in your neighborhood? Let me know!

Snow Plow Information

This is an aggregation of snow removal information from across Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Don’t hate winter, use it

While it’s been suggested that “wind blasted frozen hellscape” is no way to live, I find lots of joys in winter activities. In particular, I enjoy skiing and broomball.

Mid-Atlantic skiing day trips from D.C.

A commuter skier’s guide to ski areas close enough to do in a day from the Washington, D.C. area. Over a decade’s worth of profiles and rankings

A skier looks down a foggy slope at Timberline Resort in West Virginia

Why, I’m planning to eat my own dogfood on this one next weekend (and hopefully in February too).

Can’t get enough winter sports?

Come out and play broomball! It’s like hockey without skates, played on a full rink.

The next season starts February 27 and will run on Tuesday nights into April.+l k

In addition to league play, I’m hoping the ongoing cold is enough for the C&O Canal to freeze over in parts. Sunday, January 21 might be the day for some pick-up broomball on the canal.

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