I’m not sure why, but the Washington Nationals have made a bunch of uniform changes and they are almost all bad. To quote Uni Watch1 – the Nats are a “Pepsi team”2 when it comes to uniforms – constantly changing their appearance.

Road Uniforms

The script “Washington” jersey that debuted for 2009 is out. This is really disappointing because it was the best away uniform in the history of D.C. baseball. Using the curly W in the city name was classic.

The old

TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR THIS WORLD – A 2010 photo by flickr user Cathy T with Tyler Clippard sporting the new road look when the “Barves cap” debuted.

Todd Radom, who designed the Nats original look and the road script lamented it’s end on instagram.

The new

The new road jersey, photo taken from washingtonpost.com and contributed by the Nationals. Fair use everyone!

Starting this year the roadies will feature a block “WASHINGTON” that is so generic looking it appears like a knockoff you’d see in the clearance bin at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. BORING.

New pullover

The new road jersey, photo taken from washingtonpost.com and contributed by the Nationals. Fair use everyone!

If there was a bright spot to not having D.C. baseball for over three decades it was that we missed the bad 1970s uniforms with sansabelt pants and pullovers. Somebody decided that needed to be rectified. This will be an alternate jersey.

It looks like leisure wear Capt. Kirk wore in the first Star Trek movie if he were a Nats fan.

Maybe it’s just me seeing this one…

At least the interlocking DC3 is back on a patch within the outline of the District. That was also a Todd Radom design. A little progress…

Bye the numbers

The Nats home and navy alternate uniforms (best known for being worn during the 2019 World Series championship) will no longer have numbers on the front.

EXCLUSIVE: Nationals Making Changes to Home Whites, Navy AlternatesUni Watch

Fewer Curly W sightings

It’s been a few years since the Nats regularly wore their red curly W caps at home, opting for a white panel cap and a block W in the Capitol dome. It’s a downgrade, but I don’t think it’s a mystery of why the red caps are less prominent (Uni Watch)4 though the curly W isn’t involved there.

A new spring training cap has a bold navy block W outlined in white on a navy cap. It’s boring. It’s not to be confused with the “clubhouse cap” which has a curly W.



Yes, there are too many different uniform options and incoherent branding seems to be top down from MLB, not strictly a Nats issue. Still, there are about 72 caps for sale and I still can’t find the original Nats navy road cap online! It may be available at Nationals Park though. I need to splurge and get it.

The Cherry Blossom uniforms last season

Though they aren’t my thing, the popular cherry blossom uniforms5 are sticking around for one more season.

Oh and by the way, the Lerners are no longer selling

Yup, after putting the team on the market two years ago, they are no longer selling. They aren’t investing in the on-field product either. Joey Gallo doesn’t count.

More Nats uniforms coverage

Lots of pixels generated over these changes…

And then there is the matter of overall uniform quality

Oh man, the new Nike/Fanatics uniforms are about as well put together as a Jim Bowden rotation. Uni Watch has it covered – start here Let’s Assess the Nike/MLB Uni Snafu, FAQ-Style

No wonder Lukas is retiring from Uni Watch!


  1. The first of many Uni Watch references in this post. Paul Lukas is stepping down at the end of May and I intend to write-up a tribute before then. ↩︎
  2. Speaking of – Pepsi changed its branding on most products in 2023 and Pepsi Real Sugar in 2024 ↩︎
  3. I like the interlocking DC more in concept than execution – I LOVE the curly W. Probably because I’m named William. ↩︎
  4. Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks. – Michael Bolton, Office Space ↩︎
  5. It looks like the cherry blossoms will be long gone by Opening Day. ↩︎

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