Once again, Pepsico has updated their Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar branding.

The new look includes a white can with an oversized “Pepsi ball” cut off. Inside, a classic Pepsi-Cola script in black. It’s a combination of prior Pepsi branding in a new way. It also includes the “Soda Shop” label that has been seen on flavors like Pepsi Mango.

Oddly enough, the packing reached stores before the product page was updated on the web site. It’s updated now, but it was a few weeks behind.

A co-worker noticed the can and asked what it was – I explained it was yet another rebrand. By my count, this is the fifth distinct product design since Pepsi started offering the sugar alternative to corn syrup.



In what may have been an answer to “Mexi-Coke” Pepsi Throwback, sweetened with refined sugar instead of corn syrup, debuted

2010 – 2014

Pepsi Throwback returned for the winter with 1980s-style branding

2014 Pepsi Made with Real Sugar bottle - photo by Mike Mozart used under  a Creative Commons license

2014 – 2019

Brand changed to Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar
Photo by Mike Mozart used under a Creative Commons license

7.5 oz Pepsi Made with Real Sugar, 2019-2023 era can being held in a left hand

2019 – 2024

New darker blue packaging for Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar. In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became hard to find in anything other than 7.5 oz cans.

2024 Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Made with Real Sugar

2024 – ?

Following the 2023 Pepsi rebrand, the real sugar variety gets updated again. But for how long?

All photos by William F. Yurasko unless otherwise noted

Pepsi Real Sugar Challenge?

I’m thinking of doing a Pepsi challenge soon to see if there is any discernible difference between the “blue” and “white” real sugar Pepsis. My late-great great political economy of communications professor, Ron V. Bettig, always said “you drink the packaging” so let’s see if he’s correct. I’ll argue that the “real sugar” tastes better than the “regular” corn syrup version. After drinking the “real sugar” stuff for so long, I’m more sympathetic to people who don’t like the regular version.

Pepsi teams, Coke teams

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch uses the contrast between Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s branding philosophies to describe professional sports teams approach towards uniforms. Coke teams, like the New York Yankees and Green Bay Packers, whereas teams that are always changing their uniforms like the Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Diamondbacks are “Pepsi teams.”

My National League team, the Washington Nationals, fall into the Pepsi team category as they are changing their look again. My American League team, the Yankees are just about the most Coke team ever, though they went back to an older-style road uniform. Ironically, the teams pour the opposite soda in their stadiums. My Nittany Lions are in the Coke category for college football uniforms as well, though they have been Pepsi State for a generation…

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