Recipe: gin and tonic

gin and tonic recipe

Make your gin and tonic like a Yurasko


  • Fresh ice: I cannot emphasize this enough. Use fresh ice. Ideally you’ve dumped out your ice tray the day before.
  • Lime – ideally a fresh one each time
  • Schweppes tonic water – COLD and prefereably from a glass bottle or can
  • Gin – I go with Beefeater, but go with whatever you like, such as D.C.’s own Green Hat Gin. Store in your freezer.
  • ​16 oz. cup – my preference is now aluminum, but if using disposable, I recommend Solo party cups. Don’t use a glass pint – those don’t keep the carbonation in.


  1. Cut fresh lime into quarters (limes cost no more than 70¢ so don’t be skimpy)
  2. Squeeze lime juice into the bottom of the cup
  3. Rub the rim of the cup with lime
  4. Place lime in the bottom of but, rind down
  5. Remove gin from freezer and pour directly into lime at the bottom of the cup. Gin should reach the top of the lime.
  6. Add ice, I use 6 cubes from a icemaker or 4 from an ice tray
  7. If it’s a 10 oz. bottle, pour out everything into the cup. If cans, use 1½. That’s slightly more than 10 oz, so plan your gin pour accordingly
  8. Stir the drink, you can even use the knife
  9. Enjoy

See, really easy to have a really refreshing drink which you should enjoy responsibly. You’ll probably be on the patio, sundeck or balcony when you do so you’ll be so relaxed you wouldn’t even think of driving a car of operating heavy machinery. When you’ve had enough, switch to ginger ale and lime for further refreshment without the side effects.

A new innovation – aluminum

In 2023, on a lark I picked up some Ball Aluminum cups I saw in the grocery store. I quickly became a convert.

They keep in the cold and the bubbles. I like them better than plastic. They are reusable too, though not dishwasher safe. If for some reason you no longer want one, it’s about the most recyclable material out there.

The timing of mass availability of aluminum cups isn’t great due to aluminum prices squeezing craft brewers like the late Beltway Brewing Co. so if you got this direction, keep reusing them.

If you happened to pick up a 20 oz. stadium cup, two 7.5 oz cans of Schweppes and half a lime works really well too.


My better-half also enjoys fresh a fresh cucumber slice and basil from her garden in her G&T.

Muddle the basil in the lime and drop the cucumber slice in before pouring the gin.


Still reading? Thanks. I disposed of the preamble and moved the narrative below the actual recipe.

If there is a better drink than a gin and tonic at the Jersey Shore, I haven’t had it

As long time readers, friends and family know, I do enjoy a gin & tonic on a warm evening. You may be saying, “oh, WFY, gin & tonics are gross” but don’t worry, I won’t jump on you for it. I say to myself, “don’t hate, educate” to the gin & tonic skeptics out there. If you still don’t like it, MORE FOR ME.